Netflix and Bill at The Rooftop

Rooftop View

We are counting down the days where we can safely welcome you back to The Rooftop – the ultimate sanctuary to work, rest and play (heavy on the play post-lockdown).

It’s been an incredibly long year. We can safely say we’re now officially over Zoom quizzes, home workouts and hope to never see a homemade banana bread again.

All of the last year’s lockdowns have blurred together, really only distinguishable by what show dictated our Netflix binge-watching sessions on the couch!

Lockdown #1, aka The Tiger King lockdown, was dominated by Joe Exotic and his arch-nemesis Carole Baskin. Lockdown #2 belonged to the Queen’s Gambit; Netflix’s surprising hit of the year which followed one orphaned girl’s inexorable rise to chess fame & glory – who would have thought rooks & pawns would be 2020s ultimate fashion accessories.

England’s third and hopefully last national lockdown has had a few frontrunners, but our pick has to be The One! Not only because it’s completely addictive and left us at the edge of our seats but mainly because The Rooftop at The Trafalgar St. James makes a cameo appearance as one of the stylish backdrops. Did you spot us in the first episode?

Netflix latest drama is set in the future, where a simple strand of DNA allows you to identify your soulmate and perfect romantic match. Sounds like a no brainer, right? I’m sure they said the same thing about dating apps, and we all know how those can go (breadcrumbing & ghosting anyone?). We think we’ll pass on the genetics-based dating for now and take a more old school approach.

If like us you’ve had enough time on the couch to last a lifetime and are ready to start living that London life, then The Rooftop at The Trafalgar St. James is this year’s hottest destination and the ultimate set to bring your own storylines to real life.

The Rooftop is the perfect spot to take in the city's finest view and enjoy a plethora of delightfully decadent Asian-style dishes served alongside craft cocktails.

The outdoor space with the view of Trafalgar Square will only be available to book from 12 April. Book your table for either brunch, lunch, dinner or drinks today.

So, what are you waiting for? That Netflix biopic won’t right itself, this Spring could be The One.